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Fuerteventura’s trips: big game fishing

Fuerteventura is a paradise for the practice of water sports; one of these sports, which is getting more and more relevance, is big game fishing, one of several kinds of trips you  can make in Fuerteventura.

Big game fishing can be defined as the one which is performed on the high seas, with proper vessels and fishing gear.
In this article we are trying to focus on big game fishing, which is gaining ground in our island, as we have incomparable natural landscape for the practise of this activity, among many other kinds of trips in Fuerteventura.
Big game fishing is either a leisure or sport activity and the quantity and size of the catch has been legislated, depending on the species. The main fishing gear comprises the rod and the reel.
With Fuertecharter, you can take advantage of our trips from Fuerteventura to the islet of Lobos or to Lanzarote to practise trolling (fishing while towing the fishing gear).

Big game fishing can be either trolling or chumming: when trolling you tow the fishing gear (that is, the boat is moving ahead). Chumming is performed on the high seas and at very great depths (the boat is still and adrift) and its main characteristic is that the lure consists of small and medium-size fish. The fishing gear must be highly resistant, as huge catch is expected. 
For all big game fishing amateurs we suggest the Open Internacional de Pesca de Altura, Marcaje y Suelta, which takes place every year in Gran Tarajal, South of Fuerteventura.
This activity is turning more and more attractive to the tourists, and year after year it manages to gather amateur and professional fishermen in the capture of the blue and the white marlin among other big species.

The objective of this competition is to catch as many species and as big as possible, take a picture of them, label them and then return them to the sea.

In the last event, the XIX one, 70 vessels signed up for the competition, which enjoyed three intensive fishing days, combined with night activities and also children activities where children can enjoy their own fishing championship to start getting familiar with this art of fishing. The results from last year meant a record, as compared to previous events. A total of 103 White marlins where caught, which was the king and protagonist of this event. Only 8 blue marlins were caught, and the prize for the largest specimen wasn’t even awarded.

This event is considered as the best in Europe in its category, which is the reason why it contributes to the island’s tourism promotion as a paradise for water sports, highlighting Fuerteventura’s values of excellence.

However we must also mention other competitions is this area, also carried out in this Island, such as “El Memorial de Silvestre de León”, in Puerto del Rosario, which takes place every year in October and which has already celebrated its XII event, apart from the tournament that takes place in the Castle.

In a future article we’ll talk about the White and the Blue marlin as essential species in the big game fishing on our majorera coast.

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