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Rainbow Fuerteventura: LGTB Festival in Corralejo

The town of Corralejo is again protagonist on the island, this time the long holiday weekend in December from Thursday 4th  to Monday 8th , hosting the fourth  LGBT Festival (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people): Rainbow Fuerteventura.

This festival, born in 2011, already enjoys a successful position within the international circuit of gay parties, and its aim is to  provide colour and spectacle, organizing different activities in bars, hotels, shops, restaurants, terraces, beach bars, and even in the streets of Corralejo, during these five days.
The common factors to all activities are the willingness to have fun, paying no heed to social barriers, breaking with tags and proposing a mix of lifestyles and music, no matter  your sexual orientation, just the desire to enjoy prevails.
Among the activities we’ll find contests, shows, parades, marches and late-night rave parties, enlivened by the most cutting edge music of the moment.
This year, the town council in La Oliva has painted, with rainbow flags, some pedestrian crossings on the main street to welcome a festival fighting for equality and against homophobia, transphobia, and in general any form of discrimination existing in society. So, Corralejo joins the tolerant and inclusive tourist destinations, and is touted as a LGBT destination, ideal for a holiday.
Among the activities of the program, apart from different parties in discos, pools or on the beach,  Games for Equality, Diversity and Sustainability stand out, this year taking place for the first time, and among them we find a  paddle tournament, one of  beach volleyball and another one of Canarian wrestling, as well as the XI Cyclo-tourist event Corralejo Dunes. On Sunday,  an exceptional event will be taking place in Lobos Islet:  a race over 7 kms, though the path along this magnificent islet.
On Saturday 6th  The Trade Fair and White Night will take place, starting at 10am and ending at 11pm. There will be entertainment for children, street music, and Altihay community will take advantage of this opportunity to make their claims and social awareness campaign. That very day, the independent editorial “Two whiskers”, winner of the “Festival La Culta” award, and having already released six LGBT publications, will present their works, among which two monographs of stories about homophobia in Russia (“El armario de acero “) and Africa (” Los deseos afines “) can be highlighted.
Here we leave the full programme, so you decide in which of these festival activities you would like to take part to support diversity and tolerance.

FuerteCharter | Rainbow Fuerteventura at Corralejo

And for those of you who want to discover the charms of sailing with us, we offer one of our trips by catamaran to the islet of Lobos. In FuerteCharter we are also committed to tolerance.
FuerteCharter Team

XI Cycle-tourism event, Corralejo Dunes

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On Saturday December 6th, the eleventh Cycle-tourism event, Corralejo Dunes, Miles against Cancer, will take place in Corralejo, in memory of Pilar Cabrera González.

This is a non-competitive charity event, with participants going in pack over 47 kms around almost the entire municipality of La Oliva, in support of cancer victims. When riding in pack, no cyclist can overtake the organization that makes up the lead nor exceed the pace of the group; they can’t stay behind the closure group either.
Places are limited to 200 riders, in order of registration, and the fee is 10 €, which will go entirely to associations fighting this disease.


The exit will be on December 6th, at 10: 30h., From the CC El Campanario, where this very day registration and delivery of numbers will take place from 8:30 am to 10h.
As a prerequisite, participants must be over 15, or age 15 in 2014; they must know how to ride a bike to perfection and have taken part in over-50km cycle routes; they must wear helmet, a spare tyre and hand pump, gloves, chain whip and a puncture repair kit.
They should wear Sunglasses, “camelbag” with water, sunscreen, cap and energy bars, although there will be two provision points, one with fruit and soft drinks and another one with just drinks.
To ensure the proper development of the event it’s necessary to pay attention to the organization, meet the standards of the Road Safety Act and its regulations, avoid untimely overtaking, respect the safety distances, not to push …, remembering at all time this is not a race.
And as an important point, respect for the environment and nature is called, it being completely forbidden to throw litter or food wrappers,  thereby just the trace of the bike wheel remaining on the way.
All participants must submit the registration form, which you can download from this link; photocopy of DNI and the federal license or the Canarian Cycling Federation credit insurance of accidents. Under age participants must also submit a parental consent, mother’s, guardian’s or a legal tutor’s, which you can download from the link below.

Registration forms and authorizations can also be found in Tagoror Bookshop (Puerto del Rosario); the inter-island council (Public Service Board, in Puerto del Rosario, Corralejo, Gran Tarajal and Morro Jable, as well as in the Ministry of Sports and Hunting); in La Oliva town council (Department of Sports, Nautical School of Corralejo, Jose Perdomo Umpiérrez Pavilion and in La Oliva Municipal Pool); at La Mamma Restauranst, Corralejo, and the following websites:

FuerteCharter’s Team

XVI Swimming Crossing Isla de Lobos-Corralejo 2014

Our favourite site for our boat trips from Corralejo on the 19th of October will be the exceptional setting for the XVI swimming crossing Isla de Lobos-Corralejo.

The narrow channel separating these two points of the already traditional swimming crossing is known as “El Río”, a 3.400m-long channel of shallow waters (no deeper than 10m); the enrolment to this crossing opened last August 4th at ten in the morning and closed on October 1st. The participation is limited to 220 swimmers. The usual average time for this crossing is 65 minutes.
The starting point in the Isla de Lobos is in “Punta del Marrajo” at 12 p.m, and it will finish in “Playa del Muelle Chico”, Corralejo.
This event has been organized year after year by the “Club Deportivo Herbania”, and this year they are organizing the XVI event and it will be one of high difficulty as it will take place in an area with strong sea currents, so the swimmers taking part in it must be really experienced.
This year the crossing presents a great innovation, extra difficulty that will make the event even more exciting. The thirty quickest swimmers will have the chance to perform a sweep-round, 7000m

This event gathers amateurs and great swimmers that every year join it with the firm determination to reach the shore after overcoming the 3400m separating the two islands.

Enrolments usually take place in the web C.D.Hebania or straight in the club’s office. Fuertecharter’s team is the exceptional spectator of this crossing as we cooperate with safety in this event supporting the swimmers with one of our boats; it’s a strong current area and we must take the necessary safety measures to make the event succeed. This event has lots of followers and the sweep-round novelty will make it even more exciting. We’ll be meeting in the water, good luck for all the participants, we’ll be supporting you.

3400m long CROSSING:
•    Starting time: 12:00 h
•    Distance: 3400m
•    Starting point: Punta Marrajo (Isla de Lobos)
•    Finishing line: Muelle Chico de Corralejo (La Oliva)
•    Route of the journey: Southwest- Northwest
•    Difficulty: high
•    Tides: 1st high tide at 11:40 h / 2nd low tide at17:53 h
•    Participants: 220 swimmers
•    Average duration: 65 minutes

•    Starting point: 12:00 h
•    Distance: 7000m
•    Participants: The thirty quickest swimmers
Fuertecharter’s team

FuerteCharter | Travesía a nado Isla de Lobos Corralejo 2014

Taifas dances: Canary Islands’ tradition

It’s one of our objectives in FuerteCharter to show the tourists who visit us the culture and traditions of our island, Fuerteventura, as apart from the wonderful boat trips we offer from Corralejo this island has many other things to be discovered.

And this time we’ll talk about the Taifas dances, which in ancient times were danced in the whole archipelago and that, at present, has remained as a tradition linked to the Canary Islands’ culture. For example, the big Taifas dances were celebrated on the night of the 29th May, the eve of the Canary Islands’ day, a date that commemorates the constitution of the first autonomic Canary Islands’ Parliament in 1983.

According to the “Academia Canaria de la Lengua”:
1. In some traditional dances celebrated in small venues, a series of couples who danced in turns and times, following the directions of a person in charge of complaying with the rules, such as the order of participation. After a “taifa” danced an “isa”, a “folia” and a “malagueña” it was the turn of another “taifa”.
2. Admission paid to take part in such dance.

Taifas dances weren’t a concrete dance, but a musical event that used to take place on special occasions to celebrate a birth (then they were called new mothers’ dances), when shucking and grinding corn (in order to make “gofio”) and also in special dates such as carnivals. They were, most of all, an act of social integration, mainly in an island such as Fuerteventura, where long distances often made it hard for people living in different towns to relate to one another.

Taifas dances were not held in large spaces but they used to be held in private houses where hardly 5 couples could dance in the hall, from where furniture had been previously removed. Generally, women were waiting on chairs in the hall, while men met outside the house, where the host offered “pizcos” (which today would be known as “shots”) to the attendees. They used to be parties where the attendees where looking for a partner, and men had to persuade the family of the woman they wanted to win.

The way to ask for a woman’s hand was to give the desired woman and her mother a little bag of cumin or any other spices, or a little candle. As they were courtship dances it wasn’t unusual of them to finish with any kind of quarrels, either caused by alcohol consumption or just fighting for a woman.

Sometimes, as read in the definition, a “taifa” was also charged as an admission to the participants, and if admission was free then the participants used to bring a gift for the host family, so the taifas dances were positive for the family economy.

In other islands, such as La Palma or Lanzarote, these musical events were known as oil lamp dances because they were lit up by oil lamps, and in Tenerife and El Hierro they were called string dances, as string instruments were played to accompany the dances. The instruments they used in these dances were the guitar, the “timple” and the “bandurria” (lute-type instrument), rarely the violin. And the music pieces that were danced were “isas”, “folías”, “seguidillas”, and “malagueñas”. Little by little a range of options opened and in the XIX century “polcas” and “mazurcas” were introduced. At the beginning of the XX century, “pasodobles”, fox-trot, “valses” and even “rumbas” were also danced, which is why the participant instruments were also changing.

Nowadays, in Fuerteventura we are ready for the XIV event of the Big Taifas Dance on the 29th May. From the 22nd April and up to the 16th May table bookings for this great event are open, one more year to be celebrated in Avenida Marítima in Puerto del Rosario.

To attend this event it’s necessary to wear the traditional Canary Island clothes, as a way to pay homage to the Islands’ ethnography and history.

FuerteCharter’s Team


II Photographic contest Fuertecharter; take part in it with your photos of the ANIMALS in our island and win trips in Corralejo.

In this second FuerteCharter APRIL photographic contest we keep wanting to give our fans trips in Corralejo; for this reason, the most voted photograph in Facebook this month, out of all the ones we get, will be the winner of one of our sea trips (a ticket for two people).

With the aim of spreading the beauty of our island and creating a photo gallery that everybody can enjoy, we are organizing this second contest, and you can send us photos of animals taken in Fuerteventura via Facebook or e-mail to We will create a Facebook page with all the pictures you send so that our fans can vote their favourite ones, and at the end of the month the photo getting the most “I like it” will be the winner of one of our wonderful trips for two people in Corralejo. An unforgettable boat trip.
At the end of the month we will upload the photos in our blog, as a photo gallery, so that everybody can know the beauty of the animals in our island.
Then we will also contact the winner so he/she can enjoy their present whenever it suits them better, taking our availability into account.

We are looking forward to getting your view of our sea paradise.
Thanks for taking part in it and good luck!

III La Entallada “Lighthouse Triathlon”

Next Monday, March 24th, the third “Lighthouse Triathlon”,as it is already known by the regulars of this event, will take place, organized by the hotel complex Playitas Resort.

La swimming trial will consist of 1,5km that triathletes will have to swim in Las Playitas, and this trial will be the starting point of this event at 8h in the morning.

Then they will have to face 40km cycling, a harder trial this year as compared to the 35 kms in previous events. The itinerary of this trial will take place around areas in the municipality of Tuineje, such as Las Casitas, Juan Gopar… and this will be followed by the 13km running, which will culminate climbing  “La Entallada” Lighthouse, a beautiful enclave in the South of our island with breathtaking sea views, the best place to close this event.

Among the event’s updates, we must highlight the introduction of this event in “Series Canarias de Triathlon”  which makes up “La Copa de la Federación Canaria”. International athletes, such as Anja Beranek and Konstantin Bachor, champions in the female trial in 2012 and male trial in 2013 respectively, or such as Víctor del Corral, champion in the male category in 2012 will take part in this event too, trying to ratify their awards in an event that this year foresees an increase in the number of participants.

On the other hand, the team category is also pushing hard, and up to now the Calima Triathlon and the Triscan Clubs will take part in this event with a high number of participants.

The target of “La Entallada” Lighthouse Triathlon is to attract as many triathletes as possible to this event, residents and visitors alike, in our island’s attempt to go on with the tourist and sporting promotion that has been carried out up to now.

Fuerteventura is an unbeatable place for the practice of several sports and disciplines, either water or land activities, but we also applaud this kind of initiatives promoting healthy tourism, in harmony with the environment in our dear Fuerteventura.

For further information,

Fuertecharter’s Team.



FuerteCharter gives, to the most voted picture by our fans on facebook, a ticket for two people for one of our exciting Fuerteventura boat tours.

With the aim of spreading the beauty of our island and creating a photo gallery for all of us to enjoy we organize this contest, where you can send, through Facebook or mail to, pictures of Fuerteventura related to the sea. We’ll make an album on our Facebook page with all the pictures you send so our fans can vote their favourite ones, and every month, the picture with the most “I like it” will win one of our exciting Fuerteventura boat tours for two people.

At the end of each month we will upload the received pictures on our web, as a photo gallery so that everybody can get to know the beauty of our island.

Then we will contact the winner so they can enjoy their present whenever it suits them best according to the availability of our boat tours.

We’ll be looking forward to your vision of our marine paradise.

Thanks for taking part in this contest and good luck!

Remember to send your pictures via Facebook message to or via mail to; you must be a fan in our facebook in order to take part in the contest. Remember to write the author’s name and the title of the picture. We have a limit of pictures per person so as to make you choose your best pictures: each person will only be allowed to send 3 pictures each month. We will upload on our album the pictures we receive by the 20th of March (included); The pictures we receive after this date will take part in the next month contest; it will be the last day of the month that we will close the polls and publish who the winner of the boat tour for two people is.

Fuerteventura and Corralejo, tourist week at the international tourist fair in Madrid (Fitur)

•    Corralejo promotes itself as one of the most important emergent destinations in Europe

•    Corralejo highlights in Madrid the prize awarded by TripAdvisor

•    The new American ambassador in Spain visits Corralejo’s exhibitor in Fitur LGBT

•    The mayoress will give a speech tomorrow about LGBT sector together with Maspalomas and Ibiza

•    The importance of this town after having been used as cinema set in the shooting of  “Exodus” and “The Dictator” has been highlighted.

Corralejo Grandes Playas and the rest of La Oliva have started their tourist promotion this week in the International Tourist Fair in Madrid (Fitur),  highlighting the recent award by Tripadvisor, which certifies that the tourist area in the North of Fuerteventura is the most important emergent tourist destination in Europe and the 9th in the world. An award won thanks to the opinions and scoring by TripAdvisor users, one of the most important tourist portals in the continent.  
The Mayoress in La Oliva, Claudina Morales, and the Councillor of Tourism, Marcelino Umpiérrez, attended the inauguration of the fair in Madrid, the most important in Spain, and the third most important in Europe along with London and Berlin, aiming to deepen in the promotion of this town among the tour operators in the Peninsula. The symptoms of recovery regarding peninsular tourism registered in the last quarter of 2013 could extend to the year 2014, according to the forecast by the tourism management in Madrid.
Moreover, Corralejo Grandes Playas inaugurates its own display in the so called pink corner, where some of the destinations and companies supporting the LGBT sector (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals) gather. This initiative places Corralejo next to two already consolidated destinations in this sector, which will allow the specialised press to get to know the tourist area in the North of the Island even better, and its attractions for the LGBT community. We must highlight the efforts by Fuerteventura and Corralejo to promote as a tolerant and “gayfriendly” destination. We will also remark the presentation of the poster for the next “Rainbow Fuerteventura”, which will be celebrated from the 4th to the 8th of December.

The increasing importance of this town after being used as a film set after the shooting of “Exodus”, by Ridley Scott, the American film “The dictator” or “Invasor”, the last production by the director Daniel Calparsoro has also been highlighted.
Another interesting proposal in Fuerteventura are the boat trips in Corralejo, and Fuertecharter has also done its bit to get this award by Tripadvisor, as we are the first attraction in The Canary Islands, something we feel proud of.
With our trips in Fuerteventura, the boat trips and boat chartering we contribute to letting the tourists find out the wonders in the Northern area which has been so promoted and that visitors like so much, thus getting customer loyalty.

 FuerteCharter Team