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A four-day tour around Fuerteventura


You wake up early in the morning, at around 8am, startled because the alarm clock hasn’t gone off,  and suddenly you realise you don’t have to go to work. “Uff,” a sigh of  relax. You are in Fuerteventura!

Your holidays have started, the sun smiles at you  when opening the curtains, the sea calls you from the promenade of Corralejo, you have a thousand things you want to do in four days, because you come  stressed from the city and are eager to discover this paradise.

You get hold of plans, flyers, magazines that suggest different activities and places to visit in Fuerteventura, and everything seems wonderful: the day is missing hours to have enough time to see everything.

So here we organize a four-day tour, so you don’t miss the exceptional corners of Fuerteventura.

To start with, a good breakfast,  that you’ll need if you want to gather the necessary strength to withstand so many emotions.

One of the main attractions in this island are the water sports you can practice in it, so what better than surfing lessons to  become familiar with this wonderful ocean and look after yourself by doing some sport? Surf schools on the island will take you to the spots matching your level of requirements, and in all of them you’ll fully enjoy the benefits of this healthy sport: especially in beginners, it encourages laughter and good relations.

Excursiones Fuertecharter | Vacaciones en Fuerteventura

After your morning sport session, and after a copious lunch, we suggest, if you are an active person, to visit one of the volcanoes in the north of Fuerteventura. For us, the most spectacular one is the Calderon Hondo Volcano, in the village of Lajares, with its perfect round cone and views of the north of the island; but if you don’t want to leave Corralejo, another good option is  Morro Francisco, from which you can observe Corralejo, Lobos Island and Lanzarote.

Excursiones Fuertecharter | Vacaciones en Fuerteventura
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Excursiones Fuertecharter | Vacaciones en Fuerteventura
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If  on the contrary you are one of those who enjoy relaxing in the sun, you can let your friends go and see the volcanoes and you take the opportunity to swim and lie in the sun on Grandes Playas, Corralejo, one of the most spectacular beaches on the island, where turquoise and crystalline waters bathe the golden sand at the pace of rest you need.

Excursiones Fuertecharter | Vacaciones en Fuerteventura
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To end the day, when your friends come back from the volcano, you can go and watch the sunset on the impressive dunes of Corralejo, right opposite Grandes Playas. The landscape of this Natural Park, with the evening light, is something highly recommended, it seems as if you were in the desert, at that time when the sun no longer glares, and the shadows of the small clouds and bushes draw whimsical silhouettes on the sand.

Excursiones Fuertecharter | Vacaciones en Fuerteventura
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And to celebrate your first day off, go and savour a delicious dinner in some of the hundreds of restaurants in Corralejo, where you’ll find offers for all tastes and budgets; and after dinner, at most one drink and go to bed because the following day is again another adventure of emotions in paradise and you must be prepared.
As a preview of your second day of holiday we can advise a trip to the island of Lobos, with our FuerteCharter tours, but  we won’t anticipate anything else; we’ll tell you about the second day in our next post.

Excursiones Fuertecharter | Vacaciones en Fuerteventura

FuerteCharter Team.