Fuertecharter Fuerteventura | Wind and beaches in Fuerteventura

A four-day tour around Fuerteventura

Day 4: last day

At this point in your trip to Fuerteventura sure that you’re completely in love with the island. For the fourth and final day of tour, we suggest a trip to “La península de Jandia”, south of Fuerteventura.

And as yesterday you already visited the central part of the island, we suggest taking the FV- 1 road, so you can discover all the charms of the east coast, with nice sea views.
Leaving Corralejo you cross the Natural Park of the Dunes, which you already visited on the first day. The golden shades of sand dunes, on your right, and turquoise and crystal clear waters, to the left, will mark an exceptional landscape in these first kilometres of the journey.

In this direction you will cross Puerto del Rosario, the capital of the island since 1860, and if you keep heading south along the FV-2, you will get to Gran Tarajal and then to Costa Calma, where you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Sotavento which host one of the World events of Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in the months of July-August on the amazing beach of La Barca, characterized by a barrier of sand that forms a big lagoon ideal for practising water and wind sports.



Costa Calma is a village in the Isthmus of La Pared (narrowest part of the island, about 5km from the east to the west coast). In this area “La pared de Jandía” is located, a pre-Hispanic construction of dry stone (0.8m high and 0.5m thick) of which only some parts are preserved. Different hypotheses tell about the functionality of this wall, one of which states that, in ancient times, it separated the two kingdoms of the island: Maxorata (north, under the mandate of Guise) and Jandia (south, under the mandate of Ayose), although there are other theories that weaken this hypothesis, by placing the separation between the two kingdoms further to the north.

Continuing along the FV-2 we’ll get to the town of Morro Jable and at this point the road ends and, for the most daring, a dirt road (in good condition) starts, which leads us to the Puerto de la Cruz (end of the island of Fuerteventura), with its characteristic settlement of caravans and beautiful lighthouse which brings together the waves of East and West, breaking at this end in the shape of Y.

Excursiones Fuertecharter | Tour por Fuerteventura en 4 días


The whole area around the dirt road (Natural Protected Reserve), is full of beaches, calm water (on the east coast), where the famous Playa de Juan Gómez stands out for its heavenly beauty, or the beaches we find after the lighthouse, such as the beach of Los Ojos, whose picture you see on the cover of this post.

Excursiones Fuertecharter | Tour por Fuerteventura en 4 días


Just on the opposite coast, in the west, we find the long and wild sandy beach of Cofete, a real shock for the senses. The dirt road goes along a steep winding path which reaching the top reveals a breathtaking landscape: the long beach of Cofete from the top of the cliff; so long a beach that the sight cannot reach its end.

Excursiones Fuertecharter | Tour por Fuerteventura en 4 días


On the hillside leading down to the beach, as a witness of the passing of time, the enigmatic and seductive Villa Winter rises, a house in shape of turreted castle belonging to the German engineer Gustav Winter, built in the Jandia Peninsula back in the 30s, and there are different legends surrounding it, some of which relate it to the Hitler regime, but there are records that ensure that Gustav Winter didn’t do his military service in Germany nor is there the slightest suspicion of collaboration with the Nazis.

Fuerteventura | La Casa Winter

In the village of Cofete there is a small museum that documents photographically part of the history of this mysterious Villa, and the most daring can try knocking the gates of the house and maybe they can come to discover the rooms of such unknown castle.

And after such a long journey and so many stories, it is time to resume the return to the north. There are still many treasures to be discovered, like climbing “El pico de la zarza”, that you find in Cofete beach from a height of 800m, cross Pecenescal ravine, where through a huge sandbar you reach some white cliffs ending in the sea, discover “La Playa de la Pared”, Garcey Beach where the great cruise ship American Star was stranded… and thousands of secret corners that you find out in the island after visiting it again and again.

Hopefully this four-day tour has helped to awaken the love for this desert landscape so you return to visit us and know Fuerteventura like the back of your hand.
FuerteCharter Team.