Excursiones Fuertecharter | Vacaciones en Fuerteventura

A 4-day tour on Fuerteventura

Day 2
After the first day in Fuerteventura your energy is renewed; the sun shines for another day in paradise and there are many things left to be discovered.

Yesterday you realised the great potential of this island for water sports and we hope the first surf lessons were not too hard and you don’t have an aching body today.
 (If you haven’t read the plans for  the 1st day yet, here’s the link, so you don’t miss a thing on your holidays on the island).

Once you’ve already met  Corralejo and its surroundings, the plans suggested for the second day of this tour will have as protagonist the neighboring island of Lobos.

Fuertecharter | Trekking Lobos Islet

To know it, of course we recommend one of our excursions by catamaran. FuerteCharter tours are very special, as we don’t only take visitors to the nearby island, but we prepare everything very carefully so as to turn this into “your holiday experience”.

Excursiones Fuertecharter | Vacaciones en Fuerteventura

For fishing lovers, we offer the option of  trolling throughout our journey. Let’s see if we are lucky and our wonderful customers get us fresh fish for lunch!

Once we reach the berth of Lobos, we display all our equipment:
•    Snorkeling: mask, snorkel and fins to explore the hidden     treasures in these warm waters. We also carry bread to attract the fish and take good photos with them.
•    Kayak: for those with adventure spirit who want to row and get away and discover the surroundings.
•    SUP: we also have Stand Up Paddle boards and paddles, to teach the rudiments of the sport that is becoming so fashionable. We encourage everyone to try it and have a laugh discovering the limits of their body balance.

Excursiones Fuertecharter | Vacaciones en Fuerteventura

And filled with physical activity and laughter, we get to the island of Lobos on our semirigid boat.


The Little harbour of  Lobos, where we set ashore, is a place of outstanding beauty. Turquoise waters  whimsically painting  the volcanic rock and white sand coast.

Isla de Lobos Fuerteventura

If booked in advance, guests can enjoy a delicious paella or  fresh fish in the emblematic restaurant of the island.

The return to Corralejo usually starts by approaching the wave of Lobos by boat, one of the best known waves in Europe. And after watching the surfers make a show of their tricks and most refined techniques, we undertake the return to Corralejo Harbour, where we get just in time for lunch.


The afternoon  plan is dedicated to the town of El Cotillo, so we suggest  driving your car in the morning so now you can go to El Cotillo and have lunch in one of the restaurants of this picturesque fishing village where freshly caught fish it is one of the main tourist attractions.

After the delicious meal, we recommend visiting the beaches of Los Lagos, north of El Cotillo, where calm waters lap the golden sand and invite you to a relaxing nap by the sea.


When the sun begins to go down, we propose to change beach and watch the sunset at  “Piedra Playa”, a beach where the swell is much heavier than in “Los Lagos”, so it is commonly used daily by surf schools and those who practise kite, in windy days. This long beach keeps a secret in itssouthernmost part, its cliff is made of clay, you can take into your own hands, mix it with water and enjoy a mud bath,  natural spa style. The results on the skin are amazing!

Fuertecharter | tour por fuerteventura, isla de Lobos

And as you are already in love with Fuerteventura and its beaches, and it’s already getting dark and tomorrow we must continue discovering secrets, it’s time for a quick dinner and sleep to restore energy.

Tomorrow promises to be interesting, a trip to the center of the island to discover the inland villages, including Betancuaria, where the conquerors decided to settle the first capital of Fuerteventura.

We’ll keep telling you about the remaining two days in future articles on our blog.

Fuertecharter Team