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Jeanneau introduces three attractive new boats in 2023

Jeanneau continues to set a firm course for the horizon with the launch of three new boat models that seek to complete its wide range of sailing and motor boats. The prestigious yacht builder will present these innovative monohulls at next year’s boat shows.
We will have to wait a few months to meet them live, but the French company of which Náutica Chacón is a representative in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote has already advanced its news. Here’s a preview for you.

Jeanneau’s first bet in the field of motor boats is the Merry Fisher 1295 Fly. It’s a vessel that combines elegance and comfort.
Its exteriors stand out for the new panoramic window in the hull, while its interiors conquer passengers with great comfort thanks to three premium cabins. Comfort is guaranteed during both navigation and at anchor.

This new model concentrates on-board living areas specially designed for resting with family and friends.
Outside, it leaves room to swim and to spend time with your feet in the water in the aft cabin, thanks to the very spacious electric sundeck to starboard. To port, a large gangway makes it easy to board all your guests.

At the bow, relax comfortably in one of the three built-in loungers. Moments of leisure 100% guaranteed!
For those who love enjoying good times, take advantage of the fully equipped flybridge to drive at full speed, sunbathing in total privacy and enjoying a cocktail overlooking the sea at the end of the day.

Merry Fisher 1296 fly Jeanneau

The interior of the new Merry Fisher 1295 Fly stands out for its large, bright windows with panoramic views on the water. In addition, the yacht comes equipped with the latest technologies of larger ships, to pilot with ease. The starboard side door will allow you to access and manoeuvre easily.

Here the video of this boat:

Second, the Les Herbiers-based yacht builder will turn heads at next year’s boat shows with the Cap Camarat 10.5 CC.
It is a new outboard designed to fulfill multiple functions at the customer’s choice: water sports, fishing, comfortable navigation…

Cap Camarat 10.5

This motor boat comes with a V-shaped hull for a very comfortable navigation, with a powerful 2 x 300 CV or 2 x 425 CV joystick engine. Enjoy long and fast navigations in complete safety thanks to its ergonomic cabin. It has two spacious cabins and a huge door with an integrated swim ladder, which allows privileged access to the sea.

In addition, the aft bathtub conquers with its equipped kitchen: fridge, sink, gas stove or grill as an option. One more detail: for fishing lovers, the Cap Camarat 10.5 CC provides specific equipment, such as the rod holders on the roof or the transparent fish tank!

The French company’s 2023 catalog of novelties is completed with a new 17-meter sailboat that comes to reinforce the recent launches of the Jeanneau Yachts 60 and 65. With an ingenious and original design concept, the Jeanneau Yachts 55 gives a new approach to the cruiser, incredibly designed with the outside space in mind, guaranteeing full privacy to the navigator.

Yatchs 55 Jeanneau

Designed as a true private apartment, the interior area offers a unique layout that occupies the forward two-thirds of the vessel. Bright, refined and comfortable, the Jeanneau Yachts 55 offers two cabins with private bathrooms that can accommodate sailors in perfectly separated spaces, accessible from the deck by two different stairs.

Yatchs 55 Jeanneau

On the outside, the stern is dedicated to relaxation: two lounges on each side, U-shaped and L-shaped, both convertible into sunbathing areas, and a majestic water access through a huge platform that unfolds by means of a hydraulic cylinder. The bow accommodates the advanced dual-helm and also an outside table for charting, with GPS display and autopilot control. Everything is protected by the large wrap-around windshield and a hard hood that offers remarkable visibility.

Here’s the YouTube video of the sailboat:

Are you interested in enjoying any of these three innovative boats from the prestigious French construction company Jeanneau ?
Get in touch with us at +34 690 83 05 50 or by email

More than 30 years of experience guarantee the quality of our services, top-notch customer attention.

The sea and sailing is our passion. Sharing it is our dream.

Water Taxi última generación: servicio ‘deluxe’ para descubrir el paraíso natural de la Isla de Lobos

Más rápido, más cómodo y con la máxima seguridad.
El célebre servicio de Water Taxi desde Corralejo a la Isla de Lobos evoluciona y da un paso de gigante para ofrecer una excursión única a este paraíso de sensaciones que forma parte del Parque Natural que protege unas 2.600 hectáreas del norte de Fuerteventura.

water taxi corralejo isla de lobos

Todos los datos técnicos de esta puntera  embarcación avalan que el Quer50 aportará un extra de calidad a la experiencia de conocer las cristalinas aguas de Lobos, de saludar con respeto a su imponente volcán o de disfrutar de un chapuzón en la bahía de la Playa de la Concha.
La aventura será inolvidable. Solo hay que disfrutarla.

Y es que se trata de un barco fabricado expresamente para Fuertecharter que se adapta a la perfección a las condiciones de navegabilidad características del norte de Fuerteventura y del poderoso Océano Atlantico.
Gracias a la atención a los detalles y a la búsqueda de la calidad premium, el nuevo servicio Water Taxi ofrece a los pasajeros una travesía más cómoda y segura. Este confort único se logra mediante el diseño exclusivo de Quer -astillero con sede en Barcelona- del casco de carbono, en especial en la proa con un diseño aerodinámico que favorece la navegación haciendo que el barco se deslice sobre la espuma del mar.

water taxi corralejo isla de lobos

La moderna embarcación desembarca en las aguas majoreras equipada con dos potentes motores que garantizan adrenalina, con un casco de proa ancha para mayor estabilidad, con una nevera súper equipada y con un servicio de auto guía que podrá acompañar al viajero durante toda la excursión.
Además, un llamativo toldo garantiza la protección de hasta 50 pasajeros frente al luminoso sol que baña Canarias durante prácticamente todo el año.

¿Cuáles son las características que hacen tan especial este barco? El diseño apuesta por un aspecto llamativo que acentúa la modernidad y el atrevimiento, cualidades que no están reñidas con la placentera navegación: ágil, estable y rápida.
Además, el pasajero tendrá una visión 360º del espectáculo que le rodea, lo que garantiza que no se pierda ni un detalle de lo mucho y variado que ofrece este enclave único de la naturaleza.

Y para los amantes de la náutica, aquí van algunos números que subrayan el atractivo del servicio ‘deluxe’ que ofrece esta última generación del Water Taxi Corralejo-Lobos: más de 12 metros de eslora, 4,25 metros de manga, 25 nudos de velocidad de crucero, capacidad para 48 pasajeros y dos tripulantes, 2 motores de 440CV Yanmar…¿Se puede soñar algo mejor para disfrutar de una excursión por el mar majorero?

Para saborear al máximo de la experiencia de conocer el islote de Lobos con este nuevo y único servicio de Water Taxi, Fuertecharter lanza al mar desde el 15 de julio esta embarcación de última generación que completa a la perfección su amplia y variada flota.

Junto a las excursiones en catamarán, de observación de cetáceos y de pesca, los viajeros cuentan desde ya con una forma más rápida, segura y cómoda de visitar un paraíso salvaje y único.

Si estas listo para probar esta experiencia única…todos a bordo desde ya en el rompedor Quer50. El bañador, la protección solar, la toalla y las ganas de disfrutar son cosa tuya. El resto lo pone  Fuertecharter, una empresa con décadas de experiencia y servicio garantizados. Zarpamos hoy mismo. ¡Te esperamos!

Elegance & adrenaline with the New Jolly Prince 38 Sport Cabin

Imagine taking a sip from a glass of prosecco and enjoying some fresh summer fruits while surrounded by beautiful crystal clear waters in which you can take a swim to refresh yourself.

Or imagine being able to visit Lanzarote’s Playa del Papagayo arriving directly by sea at a cruising speed of 40 knots that will make your journey fast and exciting and then snorkeling while observing the coast’s beautiful seabed populated by a myriad of colorful fish. 

All this is possible simply by booking a private excursion with Fuertecharter!

Prince 38 Sport Cabin is undoubtedly one of the most elegant semi-rigid boats you can find in the port of Corralejo, but what makes it so special compared to other boats?

Its main features are the three Yamaha 300 V6 engines which allows us to reach a speed of 50 knots without stability problems.

Thanks to its very deep “V” hull, it can hold high cruising speeds even on rough seas.

The cabin excels in elegance and ergonomics.

In fact, Prince 38 SC offers a state of the art cruise.

We notice this when we look at the cabin which, thanks to an electrically operated table, that has three different position options: a sunbathing area, a dining area , as well as a more peaceful and relaxing area.

The three sofas are comfortable and safe in navigation thanks to high protective backrests.

All deck surfaces are lined with teak wood.

The bow is spacious, comfortable and offers seating for those who want to enjoy high speed with the ‘wind blowing in their face’.

The surrounding handrail and a passageway give us the freedom to move around safely whilst cruising.

Below deck there is a spacious cabin with a double bed and a separate bathroom with shower and various cabinets where you can store your things without the risk of them flying overboard!

These are just a few of the technical details of this incredible boat, but beyond that the New Jolly Prince 38 SC is a complete package to give you a unique and unforgettable experience.

This boat can perfectly accommodate up to 12 people.

The tour with Prince 38 SC offers the opportunity to visit the caves on the Lobos Island that would be unreachable otherwise.

And that’s not IT!

It’s possible to organise an unforgettable trip to Lanzarote, as well as a visit to La Graciosa Island.

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, graduation or a hen/bachelorette party, this is the perfect present.

So, are you ready to come and join us to experience an emotionally fulfilling adventure?
Such moments full of emotion and adrenaline that will be unforgettalbe saling the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

We’re waiting for you!

Let’s discover together the marine fauna of Fuerteventura!

What is one of the biggest dreams of children?
Without a doubt, seeing dolphins!
Seeing them swimming freely in the unspoilt ocean is an experience that adults will never forget.

But how can you experience this unique and exciting adventure?
It’s easy! You can just buy a ticket for an excursion with Fuertecharter!

The tour starts by embarking from the port of Corralejo, and is designed for everyone to have fun, both adults and children.

The best sailing area for whale watching is the channel between Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and the island of Lobos.

 Most of the time we find them to the northwest of the island of Lobos, a couple of miles off the coast, with the Papagayo Beach of Lanzarote and the Great Beaches of Corralejo as a frame. Other times they can be found in Lanzarote, in the area in front of Playa Quemada, Puerto del Carmen or Puerto Calero; sometimes they can be found along the east coast of Fuerteventura, in front of the wonderful natural park of the Corralejo Dunes, at the foot of Montaña Rojas, known for its special red peak.

These unspoilt areas are home to many marine animals, such as dolphins, whales, pilot whales and sea turtles.

In fact, in the Canary Islands waters, you can spot 28 of the 87 types of cetaceans that exist in the world!
This certifies the high quality of the waters surrounding Fuerteventura.

It will be very easy to find a group of dolphins playing around the catamaran you are sailing on.

Seeing them is an incredible experience, but spotting a whale is truly a breathtaking moment.
 These majestic aquatic mammals swim in the waters around Fuerteventura between spring and summer.

There are many others that live in the depths in search of squid to hunt, and these cetaceans can reach up to 20 metres in length, but as we have said, they prefer to stay close to the seabed where they can remain undisturbed.

So which cetaceans can you spot on an excursion with Fuertecharter?

Bottlenose Dolphin: it is very common to see this dolphin in the Canary Islands, it measures between 2 and 4 metres, looks quite portly and likes to travel in groups, they have a lot of fun chasing our boat or swimming around!

Pilot Whale: Although it is called a whale, it actually belongs to the dolphin family and is also known as the Calderón Tropical, another common mammal in the Canary Islands. It can measure up to 5 metres in length.

Common dolphin: a very slender cetacean. It is characteristically coloured, with a dark grey dorsal area and a white ventral area; laterally it has light grey areas from head to tail. It measures up to 2.4 m in length.

Striped dolphin: The striped dolphin is similar in size and shape to several other dolphins that inhabit the same waters, however, their colouring makes them easy to distinguish in the sea. The underside or belly is white or pink. There are one or two dark blue bands running from the eye to the caudal fin.

Hammerhead shark: The most striking feature of all hammerhead shark species is the particular T-shaped head, with the eyes and nostrils located at the ends of the head, thanks to the side-to-side head movement as it swims, it can see everything around it and even behind it.

Sunfish: The body is flattened laterally and when the dorsal and ventral fins are extended, the fish is as long as it is tall.

Exocoetidae or Flying fish: Its most striking feature is the size of its unusually large pectoral fins, which allow it to fly and glide for distances of more than 50 metres.

Sperm whale: The largest toothed animal in existence, males can grow up to 20.5 metres long and weigh more than 50 tonnes.

Loggerhead turtle: known as Caretta Caretta, one of the smallest turtles in the ocean and can measure up to 120cm, it does not like to live too deep.

And if you don’t look enough, you can also see other aquatic animals such as the spotted dolphin, the rough-toothed dolphin, the black and grey pilot whale, the humpback whale and the Bryde’s whale. 

In addition, many birds can be sighted during our excursion. A very special one is the so-called Cory’s Shearwater, a type of bird that spends days without touching land in search of food. It plays an important role in the search for dolphins as it flies just above the school of bait and therefore helps us to find them.

And the experience doesn’t end here, because on this excursion we will also take you to relax in front of the island of Lobos, where you can sunbathe on our boat or do water activities such as snorkelling, sup or kayaking, and we will serve you a delicious paella, accompanied with drinks and fresh wine.

During the whole excursion we will take a multitude of free photos that you will be able to download on our website, to remember this magnificent experience forever!

What are you waiting for to book?
Get on board and live this dream adventure with us!

The four best excursions you absolutely must try in Fuerteventura!

Fuerteventura, the second largest island of the Canary islands, is one of the most desired tourist destinations in Europe, not only for surfers who find waves and wind all year round, but is loved by all thanks to its mild climate all year round.

But whether you are travelling with your partner, your family or on your own, there are so many activities you can do.
Fuerteventura is full of incredible corners of unspoiled nature.
Within a few kilometres you will feel like you are in the Sahara desert, in the turquoise waters of the Maldives or in Jurassic locations from a movie.

For more tips, read our ARTICLE dedicated to the most beautiful places on the island.

But if you are looking for exciting and exclusive activities in Fuerteventura, we have selected for you the best experiences you can have and we offer them in combination with our most popular catamaran excursion at the cheapest price you can get.

Why should you buy a combined excursion package with us?
Firstly, because in one click you save money on both activities.
Secondly, and equally important, you don’t have to do both on the same day, you can decide for yourself when to do them during your holiday.

 All packages have in common our fantastic Deluxe Combo excursion, which consists of a 4 hour catamaran tour of the island of Lobos where sailing along the coast.

On this excursion you will enjoy a guided tour of Lobos Island and discover its most beautiful corners, you’ll explore the crystal clear waters by kayak, SUP or snorkelling with hundreds of fish, and finally you’ll enjoy a delicious paella on board.

 Let’s take a look at some of our combined proposals.

Deluxe Combo + Buggy
In the last few years, buggy tours have become a must-do attraction here in Fuerteventura, especially because they are a fun and alternative way to discover the volcanic landscapes of the island.

Bring out your adventurous spirit and buy your package by clicking HERE!


Deluxe Combo + Visit to the Conatvs Winery
Your visit will start with a tour of the vineyard during which you will learn about the Canarian grape varieties and the techniques of growing and making Conatvs wine, which is the only brand of wine from Fuerteventura with the Protected Designation of Origin of the Canary Islands.

Don’t worry, of course you will also have a Fuerteventura wine, oil and cheese tasting!
How can you miss a good local wine?
Buy this package by clicking HERE 

Combo Deluxe + Stargazing
Did you know that Fuerteventura is a UNESCO Starlight Reserve?
It means that from here you can observe an incredibly clear sky full of stars.
You will be able to observe the Milky Way, shooting stars, planets and take night pictures, everything under the supervision of a professional guide who will explain to you all the particularities of the island’s sky.

 What’s more… It’s one of the most romantic things to do!
More information by clicking HERE.


Combo Deluxe + Panorama Island Grand Tour
A luxury Mercedes minibus with WiFi will take you to discover Fuerteventura from the north to the extreme south, with stops at the most beautiful and special places on the island such as the dunes of Corralejo, Betancuria, Sotavento and other picturesque places that can’t be missing on your holiday list.

 How about a tour together?
Book it by clicking HERE.

 These are just some of our offers and stay tuned because we will soon publish many more.
You can check them all out on our website or call us on +34669354404. 

We can’t wait for you to come on board with us and live a wonderful adventure discovering Fuerteventura!


Discover what’s new in the Deluxe Combo Family tour!

You might think that all boat excursions are the same, but we can assure you, that this is not the case.
That’s why we have decided to dedicate a blog article to the new features of the Deluxe Combo Family excursion with our Lagoon catamaran.

First of all, our catamaran is certified to sail up to 20 people, no longer just 12, and even if it sounds strange this peculiarity will make your excursion even more exclusive.
But let’s start from the beginning!
We will take you on the 4-hour ocean tour.

The day starts by meeting up with the crew of the catamaran at the harbour.
After the check-in at the Fuertecharter ticket office, you are welcome on board.
Shoes off! On the catamaran you walk barefoot to avoid slipping and preserve the boat floor. 

 Once we seat the captain starts explaining the planning of the tour.
After a few minutes, the first welcome drink arrives with a choice of sodas, wine or beer.
We are all already smiling, but the real beauty is yet to come, and it begins as soon as we leave the harbour and feel the wind blowing, the sailors set the sails and we are ready for the crossing towards the most beautiful island of the archipelago: the Lobos Island. Here we come!

The first stop is close to one of the most famous surf spots in Europe.
This wave is known for being one of the longest in the continent, and watching the surfers dancing on the ocean with the volcano La Caldera as the backdrop for their stunts, is a truly enchanting scene.

lobos island boat trip

After a sailing tour for discovering the beauty of the Lobos coast, we approach the harbour where the catamaran stops to moor. 

Do you remember I told you that this excursion is for a total of 20 people, and because of it the tour ends up to be more exclusive? 

The reason is that at this point we split into two groups of 10 people. 

The first group stays on the catamaran so that the participants can continue sunbathing or enjoy the water activities offered by the staff, including kayaking, stand-up puddling and an unforgettable moment of snorkelling among hundreds of fish in the beautiful turquoise waters of the island.
After that it comes the time of the famous Spanish PAELLA!
A moment of relaxation accompanied by typical Canarian food, cooked by our friends of La Lonja restaurant. 


The other group will land to Lobos Island with a speedboat for a guided excursion to discover its treasures.
This is the biggest change of all, as your tour will not only explore the surrounding of the island, but you will also go ashore getting to know its most precious corners.
You will be enchanted by the beauty and the authenticity of this place. 

To sum up, this is the most complete tour of Lobos Island: sea trip, excursion to the volcanic land, exclusive places, good food and certainly lots of smiles.
What are you waiting for? Come on board with us! 

 Check out our website to get more info and feel free to WhatsApp us or call us at +34 669354404. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!