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Fuerteventura, leading position in tourism

Fuerteventura has been nominated by TripAdvisor, the largest internet portal specialised in tourism, as the best island in Spain, followed by Lanzarote, for the “Travellers Choice 2014” awards.
Also, the same internet portal awarded Cofete Beach, in the south of the island, the fifth position among the best Spanish beaches; El Cotillo beach, in the municipality of La Oliva, was awarded the 10th position.
If we bear in mind that a few months ago the prizes awarded by this portal have placed Corralejo as the leading emergent tourist destination in Europe, and that El Cotillo has reached the fourth position in Spain we don’t have but to congratulate ourselves, the majorero land and its residents, who make these realities possible by treating tourists well.
These awards are the result of the tourists’ opinions and the comments and ratings they leave about their experiences.
In Fuertecharter we try to contribute in so far as we are actually able so that our visitors are satisfied, and our boat trips from Corralejo always get excellent comments and ratings in TripAdvisor.
These ratings that our island is getting place us in a very good position we must keep and improve if possible.
The studies reflect in their data a leading position of Spain as far as tourism is concerned, whose activity accounts for over 10% GDP, creates the 11% of job positions and offsets to a great extent our trade deficit. In The Canary Islands those percentages are much larger, as tourism is the main industry.
The “Ley de Renovación y Modernización turística de Canarias”, passed in May 2013, attempts to improve competitiveness in the Canary Islands as a tourist destination, to refurbish tourist areas, facilities and services in decline due to the passage of time, so as to match the tourist offer to the present demand. Straight from the BOE, here you find the main guidelines of this law:
a) Order and regulate, within sustainable parameters, the increase of the tourist demand, linked to the improvement of the existing tourist centres and the introduction of new additional facilities.
b) Improve the quality and standard of the tourist accommodation and additional facilities.
c) Avoid and, where appropriate, redirect the building in tourist areas.
d) To provide the administration with effective legal tools to encourage and, where appropriate, ensure compliance with conservation and restoration measures, and the effective use of tourist establishments.
e) To improve the image of consolidated tourist centres, and achieve satisfactory public services.
f) To encourage coordinated management of public administrations and to speed up the processing of tourist redevelopment projects.

With these measures and keeping treating visitors with kid gloves no doubt Fuerteventura will keep and even improve these data launched by TripAdvisor. We’ll keep doing our bit with our wonderful trips from Corralejo.

FuerteCharter Team.