Alojamientos Corralejo, Miradore de Lobos Golf


The tourist accommodation offer in Corralejo is wide and varied. On this occasion we’re going to find out Lobos golf lookout point, located in Corralejo and offering another accommodation alternative, with the hallmark of being detached, at the outskirts of the town. Of course you don’t need to be a golf player to go to this resort, on the contrary, the offer is so good that many tourists chose this accommodation option in our little paradise. On this occasion we talked to one of the receptionists, Carolina, who let us get into these beautiful villas.

  • Name and position: Carolina, receptionist.
    Start date: November 2012.
Kind of accommodation: Detached villas, framed within a golf course.
    Number of beds: 60 villas with 3 rooms (6 beds).
    Average age of tourists: it’s difficult to establish an average as the tourism coming here is very diverse, families as well as groups of friends of diverse age.
    Offer: Two different kinds of villas, with a single floor or duplex. All of them have a garden, private swimming pool, parking, barbecue… they also offer bed and breakfast.
    Average price: 70-90 € per night/villa in low season, and between 110-140€ in high season.
Nationality of most customers: depending on the season, but from every country. Those days we are having lots of Canarian tourists (Spanish), as well as Italian and German… a bit of everything.

Your opinion about the quality of the tourism getting to the island:

It’s a tourism that appreciates our island very much, and often enjoys our leisure offers.
Of course, in the high season they usually come from a higher social status and they can afford investing more money in leisure and holidays.

How could the island improve so as to bind tourism?  

By completing unfinished works, mainly in Corralejo. It would also be important to look for environmental improvements, focused on renewable energies; from the tourist point of view this would create a concept that fits Fuerteventura perfectly.

What turns this island into a privileged place to spend your holidays?
We are in the middle of the ocean, but protected by the African continent and the islands surrounding us. Our sea, the sun…. that is, weather conditions are unbeatable. This turns us into the perfect place to practise outdoor activities and sports, water sports of all sorts. Besides, our fine sandy beaches… we are a perfect destination for the tourism looking for sun, beach and activities.
Main strong points of your hotel offer
Our villas, apart from being very beautiful, are located within a golf course, so they are surrounded by vegetation, a gorgeous landscape. The most important thing is that they are big, private, intimate and quiet. Being just 15 minutes away from downtown Corralejo, you can enjoy the comforts of the town without losing the quietness and privacy we have in our villas.

Do you offer your customers leisure offers not linked to the hotel?
 Yes, we offer surf lessons, boat trips…. we like to offer all kind of options to our customers.

Do they usually request boat tours around Fuerteventura?

Yes, they do. And they are usually delighted when they come back.