Fuertecharter | Trekking Lobos Islet

Living in an island

 Living in an island, even for just a few days, makes you different.

Just the feeling of being surrounded by the sea calms you down —hence why people joke about the islanders’ placid character—. Maybe the majesty of its waters, which seems to stop time, makes you stop too and watch the sunrises and sunsets, the vast starry sky…

There are thousands of islands, some of them desert and some others inhabited, some closer and some farther away from civilization, some colder and some others warmer, many of them are paradise islands, but very few of them like Fuerteventura, enjoying good weather 12 moths a year and a 265 km coast line, which turn it into one of the preferred sun and beach tourist destinations and into one of the best European “aquatic parks”.

There is no feeling like that of waking up early in the morning, getting a foot out of the bed and almost feel the fresh morning mist on the beach sand. The sea is calling you, with the ceaseless lapping of the waves on the shore, so that you get ready to enjoy a new day bathed by the wind, the sun and the salt on the sea breeze.

Corralejo’s wharf is waiting for you, a little lethargic this early, and you hear the clinking of the sheets on the masts, as if impatient to meet the sea, as if the night had been too long and they had rested so much that they felt over-energetic and needed to take that boat ride.

And this is because Fuerteventura is a paradise that invites everyone to go on the sailing adventure.

Just looking at the horizon and following the sinuous outline of Lobos, with its latent magic, makes you feel attracted to the sea. A deep blue which becomes lighter and lighter until it turns turquoise; thousands of sea species that say hello to you and seem to even caress your boat and make you feel that you’re a part of this whole that the ocean is.

Living in an island like this one binds you to the sea almost unavoidably. In the wide offer of water activities there are options for everyone, from fishing, boat rides, to thousands of water sports: surf, kitesurf, windsurf, SUP, scuba diving, kayak, snorkel… all of them at your fingertips so that you decide, according to the conditions of the day and your skills, which one you prefer. Maybe today you fancy a catamaran ride!

Living in an island like this one is a fortune that from this moment and in this blog we’re going to share with all of you, letting you know about the environment, the activities, the fauna, the history, the interesting facts about this land, and its people, irredeemably bound to their surrounding sea.

If you are lucky to live in this paradise you’ll understand us perfectly well, and if you’re visitors or future visitors in our coasts, once you have lived for some days in the peace and quiet of this desert paradise, we know you’ll never forget Fuerteventura, and you’ll be able to follow us so that the island remains in your memories and you don’t miss the chance, if you have it, to visit us again.

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