FuerteCharter | Exposición restos arqueológicos romanos islote de Lobos

Exhibition: Archeological remains in Lobos islet

From October 28th and until November 29th the Art Centre Juan Ismael, in Puerto del Rosario, will host an exhibition where some of the archaeological Roman remains found during the excavations in Lobos islet will be shown.

Two campaigns have already been carried out in these excavations in Lobos site 1, since 2012, where, as we said in one previous article in this blog, some archaeological remains of what would have been a Roman factory  for the obtaining of purple dye (Stramonita haemastoma), dating back between the I Century B.C and the I Century A.D,  have been found out. Hence the name of the exhibition: “Lobos 1, a Roman purple workshop”.

This site, located in La Calera or La Concha beach, to the South West of Lobos islet, will have a new campaign of diggings, result of an agreement between Fuerteventura Council, The Autonomous Organism of Museums, Some centres in Tenerife council and some scientists in the research project “Poblamiento y Colonización de las Islas en el Atlántico (PYCIA), from La Laguna  University and the OAMC and there are big expectations that more remains that could be find tell us more about the history of the Canary Islands and the population of the Atlantic islands, through the Roman settlements dated to the Early Empire that, besides, also show that the boundaries and the influence of the Roman Empire spread far beyond it had been recorded up to now. For this reason many researches and approaches will have to be carried out again and the relationship between the Canary Islands and other Roman settlements of the time will be established.

FuerteCharter | Exhibition: Archeological remains in Lobos islet

The exhibition shows a selection of manufactured Roman goods, from ceramic amphoras, used to transport and store metal iron and bronze items (needles to sew nets, hooks, punches…) to stone items related to the processing of purple dye, like crusher pebbles, anvils and mortars.

FuerteCharter | Exhibition: Archeological remains in Lobos islet

The exhibition also shows shelly deposits specialised in Stramonita haemastoma, where we can see some fracture patterns of these molluscs and the way the glans used to get the purple dye were extracted.

Kitchen items can also be found, witnesses of a food and domestic activity, such as pans, different food containers, flatware, jars, platters…

FuerteCharter | Exhibition: Archeological remains in Lobos islet

The exhibition can be visited in the Art Centre Juan Ismael, C/ Almirante Lallermand, Nº 30, in Puerto del Rosario, opening times from 10 to 13 and from 17 to 21h, every day except Sundays and Mondays, when the centre is closed.

For further information: www.cabildofuerteventura.org
Telephone: 928 859 750/1/2.

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